5 House Flipping Don’ts

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When it comes to making money in the affairs of flipping houses and other real estate investments you will find all sorts of do’s and don’ts along the way. The truth of the matter is that these are extremely useful whether this is your first house flip or you have been flipping houses for years. In fact you might just find that you can learn something new on occasion by reading lists such as this even if you’ve been flipping houses for years and have many successful flips under your belt.

1. Don’t forget to check out the neighborhood carefully. What condition are other homes in the area? How well are the yards kept up? Is the house you are considering investing in a good match for the neighborhood, or does it appear to be the odd house on the block? All of these factors figure heavily into the ability to sell the home, and could greatly affect your profits.

2) Don’t use up your whole budget without just cause. Your budget is what you used to determine whether or not the house would be a profitable venture. If you blow your budget and cannot recover the extra money you’ve spent in the selling price on the house you will have seriously cut into your profits if not eliminated them all together. The goal in property flipping is to get in and out quickly and spend as little money as possible in order to make as much money as possible.

3. Don’t neglect to set goals for yourself, and to accomplish them daily. In real estate investing, when you miss a deadline, it can take days, weeks, and sometimes even months to reschedule meetings, closing times, and contractors. Missing your goals and deadlines can extend the time it takes to flip the property, cutting greatly into your profits. Every extra day without completing your flip is money lost.

4) Don’t neglect the exterior. Curb appeal is what brings buyers into the property. If you spend all your money, time, and effort making improvements to the exterior of the home you will have little left to make the outside appealing to potential buyers. A homebuyer is in the market for the entire package. A home that looks run down on the outside leaves the impression of being neglected on the inside and many potential buyers will never walk inside if the outside looks forlorn.

5. Don’t spend money foolishly on items which are not needed. You need to evaluate surrounding homes, and what is expected for this neighborhood. Adding an island in the kitchen, new cabinets, and granite counter tops would look great, but in most neighborhoods, are too much and do not add value.

If you want to get the most for your money avoid costly expenses that aren’t exactly necessary for the successful completion of the flip. Resurface bathroom fixtures rather than replacing them if possible and use new cabinet doors or hardware rather than adding new cabinets all together to cut down on expenses. In other words, salvage what you can, fix what needs to be fixed, and add a few cosmetic touches before moving on.

With the rapidly changing real estate market, you need to work quickly, spend your money wisely, and get the property turned over fast. Avoiding unnecessary costs and delays will help you make the highest profits possible, and get moved on to the next deal. As you become more experienced in flipping homes and real estate investing, you may choose to take higher risks, but for now, keep the money in your pocket, and work smart.

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