4 Inimitable Gifts For Your Office Frenemy

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The office is also the home of your worst nightmares specially to women. Men in the offices are probably chummy and they tend to hang out together. If they have issues with each other, they will not talk unless if it’s work-related. Though, girls are far different. They can be really sarcastic, outspoken and sometimes bitchy. Without a doubt, they can be really mean. This is one stressful factor in every office. Someone would be spreading gossips about you in a very professional measure. If you are a victim of an office bully, don’t be as bitchy as she is. Don’t fight back. Instead be an angel and bestow her custom office supplies and goodies to make her feel guilty of her backstabbing and malicious gossip-spreading.

Ladies are emotional and they will never ever permit another woman to step onto their ego uniquely in the office. Being chummy with these horned beauties might be strenuous for you but it would undoubtedly be worth it. If you don’t know the things that you can deliver to these mean office girls, here is a short list that you might want to take into account.

Promotional Desk Pen Stands – You don’t really need to consume too much just to be superb “frienemy” (friend/enemy). You can consistently rely on your monthly office supplies and just provide it a little tweaking. You can repeatedly rely on your company’s own promotional desk pen stands or pen with stand. Have it imprinted with her name and cover it in emphatically flamboyant box or gift wrap.

Chick Flick DVD’s – Chick flicks are more probably bombarded with the congruous old plot with cheerleaders, school hunk, cheesy love stories and mean girls. Try to knock her head even once by according her a full view of herself through some chick flicks like Mean Girls.

Custom Made Make Up Kit – Some girls would probably wish their mortal enemy to be totally ugly. For sure, some of you have fantasized to be throwing puddle of mud or cake on her face. Instead of thinking those breeds of things, just provide them a gift that will make her even more alluring. Simply hand her a make-up kit from her favorite brand. For sure, you’ll detect the brand of make-up she uses every time that you have an encounter inside the girl’s washroom.

Custom Printed T-shirt – T-shirt is normal corporate gift that you generally see in trade shows and corporate events. What makes it as the great gift for your mortal office enemy? Well, you can indeed customize it by imprinting any slogan or words that might make of break her. You can adopt it for direct insult but since you are killing her with kindness just make it a subliminal insult that only you can decipher. Imprint words of praise to her but with a little hint of slur subliminally.

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