4 Far-out Layouts For Your Custom Printed Antenna Balls

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Promotional antenna ball is one of the optimum promotional good that can present if you are managing a business that is related to the automobile industry specially auto repair. It is not just an ornament that you can showcase on your cars; you can also capitalize on it to have great brand exposure in a very effortless manner. Though, this idea is no stranger to your competitors. In order to top your competitors with your promotional antenna balls, here are several splendid ideas that you can infuse to these goods. Here are the great design ideas that you can infuse to these wonderful promotional materials.


The ribbon is one of the most common designs that you will witness in a customized antenna balls. It comes in numerous colors and each color serves separate meaning. Pink is put to use for Breast Cancer Awareness. Red is exhausted for World AIDS Day and many others. You can check the internet to see what colors represent which. Since the ribbon designs are on of the most common design, you can constantly spike it up with a little twist on it. You can beef it up with LED light on it and make it blink notably during at night. This will surely be a very attractive promotional product amidst the darkness.

Animal Design

Animal designs for your custom imprinted antenna balls will repeatedly be a head turner. Additionally, people of all ages will certainly love this design specially sons and daughters. You can also exhaust this in a campaign about animal rights and even for campaign about being a vegetarian.


Cars are considered one of the contributors to global warming worldwide. Instead of taking the issue sitting down, you can still exhaust cars to campaign environmental awareness through these eco-friendly drafted customized antenna ball. Your cars might be contributing to the pollution worldwide but it can also be utilized for propagating the information about caring for the environment through custom printed antenna balls and other automotive goods.

Lady Gaga

This design is suitable for those ladies who want to rev up their ride a notch higher. You can design your antenna ball ala-Lady Gaga. You just have to be highly imaginative and think out of this world to pull off a Lady Gaga.

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