3 Top Search Engine Ranking Tips

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So, you have your new website that you’ve spent months perfecting and have released to the public, only to discover that you are not appearing within the search engines. Waiting for the search engines to come and play could be frustrating, but luckily it is far quicker than it was a few years ago, where you had to wait months just to see your site ranking for its own name!

To get your site into the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing demands them to index you, which they do by releasing “bots” that come along and view your website and then send it back to head quarters. Once the primary system has processed the findings you need to then see your website appearing in the search results of the three large engines, but this can take time.

Below, we take a look at our top suggestions when it comes to achieving indexing for your newly released website.

Larry Page, one of Google’s founders, produced an algorithm that assigned a numerical value to a web site or page. This numerical value, expressed as a number between 0 and 10, indicates the popularity of a website, or web page, based on its relevance, authority, and clear meaning as it matches the implied intent or keywords of a search. This numerical value is referred to as the PageRank.

It’s essential to make your website search engine friendly. If your website offers a product or service, 1 method to improve the Page Rank would be to provide a link to the vendor of the product or service and any review website(s).

Your primary customer is your human user, so any info provided to improve the perception within the mind of the searcher, of you as a trusted advisor, will increase the chances that the searcher will likely buy your product or service.

Trust is built by providing items like photos or videos so that the searcher can see you’re real and not a scam.

Your being perceived as an advisor is built by supplying info so that the searcher can figure out you’re extremely knowledgeable and can help the searcher make a purchasing decision.

This will increase your Page Rankings, make your website a success, and with hypnotic writing and a call to action, you’ll get the searcher to take the action you desire.

Another method to increase your Page Rankings is by your Social Rank. There’s evidence that Google is paying close attention to Social Ranking which is how other people share your content. Google has already submitted an application to obtain a patent for their algorithm that determines the overall rank of a website utilizing the concept of Social Rank.

Simply, the much more your content receives votes, is shared, and or is linked to other sites, the higher your Social Ranking.

The first step to improve the Social Ranking of your web site would be to ensure you have a web site where you can post your content.

The next step is to create a Social Medial Blueprint where you discover the social media networks that are like minded and understand the specific interests of the communities within these social media sites.

The third step would be to produce content (text, audio, video, photo(s), and slideshows) that’s entertaining, enlightening, and or educational.

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