3 Pointers to Drawing In Massage Clients Online

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As a massage specialist, you probably already know how challenging it can be to draw in a regular flow of new clients to your practice. The web is hands down the simplest way to bring in more business, but you have got to know what you are doing. You can’t just throw up a website and keep your fingers crossed the phone starts ringing. There’s a system behind promoting your practice on the web. Let’s take a look at 3 components of this system.

1. Lead Generation — You need to be certain to have lead generation set up on your web sites. Most massage websites are set up as straightforward online leaflets that display basic info regarding their business. You would like to get your web visitors engaged by having an opt in form set up in the upper right corner on each page of the internet site with a free report or video series that you offer in exchange for their name and email address. This way you can build your e-mail list and keep in touch with everyone who has ever voiced interest in your work.

2. Benefit-Oriented Copy– If you review most massage websites, you will probably notice that they all say a similar thing. The majority of the content concentrates on the features of the practice, for example conditions treated, office hours, and styles of massage used. While all of this is vital, you should speak straight to your visitor’s pains and challenges on the landing page. Connect emotionally with them and give them some encouragement that you do have solutions for their struggles.

3. Social Media Integration– It’s useful to add social media icons on your internet site so that people can connect to you through different mediums. If you’ve got a very good fan page, it’s a way of building trust and showing people that are new to you that you are a dependable and legitimate resource locally.

These 3 tips should go a long way towards getting you more exposure and clients from the internet.

Massage marketing is far more effective when you blend the internet with more traditional forms of advertising. The issue is that most massage marketing is done without the right systems in place. Check out these links to get an abundance of of free tips to make sure you are promoting your practice in the correct way. Kevin Doherty is a marketing coach for massage specialists around the globe.

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