3 Causes of High Blood Pressure

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There are indeed a number of factors that can cause high blood pressure so it’s important to identify it quickly so it doesn’t have a chance to lead to serious disease if not treated. There are a lot of ways to have your blood pressure checked easily you can even buy a kit and do it at home. The causes of high blood pressure that are discussed below are some of the more common ones, but every individual is different. One risk factor for high blood pressure is simply aging. On average, men are more likely to develop it at an earlier age, while it often begins in menopause with women.

High blood pressure is common in pregnant women but it is usually severe although it does sometimes need to be treated with medication. A sudden rise in blood pressure to extreme levels during pregnancy, called preeclampsia, can be dangerous for both mother and baby. Women who have high blood pressure before becoming pregnant are at a greater risk for this but it can still happen in women with no history of hypertension. This is why it’s important for pregnant women to monitor their blood pressure.

If you have certain long term illnesses, they can raise your risk of developing high blood pressure. Kidney disease, especially in older people, is a common cause of high blood pressure. You can develop high blood pressure if you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes as both of them damage the kidneys. If kidney disease or diabetes run in your family, than you are at a greater risk for developing these conditions. If you have been diagnosed with either diabetes or any kind of kidney disease, your doctor should be keeping track of your blood pressure and may prescribe medication to manage it.

Medication and certain drugs may also contribute to high blood pressure. Stimulants of any kind, such as cocaine, are known to be dangerous to your blood pressure and heart. In some cases, medications prescribed for a variety of conditions, such as birth control and many psychiatric drugs, can also cause high blood pressure. drugs can also cause hypertension, especially when taken regularly. If your blood pressure is high, make sure you pay attention to any medications you take, even over the counter ones. Anytime you suspect a drug or medicine is contributing to your high blood pressure, ask your doctor about it immediately.

Your medical and family history, exercise habits and diet can all be contributing factors when it comes to hypertension. With the help of your doctor, you can develop healthier habits to control your blood pressure. We’ve been looking at some of the causes of high blood pressure, and in some cases they can be fairly straightforward. Once you understand the causes of hypertension, it’s easier to address them and reduce your blood pressure.

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